Eating like a Da Nang local guy - Viet Nam

Nov 23, 2016

A period of neglect. Dormancy. Slackness. Call it what you will. This miniscule corner of the web still has some life. I'd like to make it sputter again from time to time. There are still stories to tell, observations to make and, clearly, plenty of street food to devour in Hanoi. And, it's not that I haven't been eating all these months I haven't been writing. I have. Too much. In the company of many fine gluttons from all over the world. I just haven't had the chance to eat alone with my thoughts for a while. Eating with others will not write a food blog.

So I'm committing to going solo and anti-social to the pavements, gutters and carts of the city from time to time in order to get this space kick started again. Today, after returning from a five week holiday in the States and Japan, I went about recalibrating my palate in my realm. After some excess - all detailed in short form on Instagram and Twitter, and evidenced in an expanded gut that cuts off my vision to my toes - it was nice to be sitting down again to the small portions that, by and large, exemplify street food in Vietnam. And none of that fear of making the wrong choice presented by the menus of the places we were eating at on our trip.