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buyer's FAQs

Yes you can,

Due to COVID your order will be left outside the front door at the pick-up time advertised in the Sellers Delivery Information.

buyer's FAQs

Yes, just type in the city you are looking for food in the top search bar

buyer's FAQs

Yes, you will instantly get a full refund and a text message confirming the status of your order.

A refund can take up to 24 hrs

buyer's FAQs

A delivery charge is added to the total price when you select "Delivery" 

You have an option to Pick-up or have food delivered from the Seller

buyer's FAQs

Yes, you will indstantly get a text message once you have completed and paid for your order

seller's FAQs

Depending on the city you are selling your home cooke food from.

You must check your local government guidelines for Selling Home Cooked Food.

Each Country, Sate and City have divverent food guidelines. 

seller's FAQs

Depending in what country you are selling your home cooked food from.

For Australia, please refer to the ATO's website for GST registration guidelines.

To be registered for GST, you must register for an ABN and file quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS).

To understand more, you can contact your accountant or a Momentum Rewards provider for more information.

ATO website


seller's FAQs

Upload a copy of your food certificate or food sellers licence and we will give your profile a Certified stamp of approval. 

seller's FAQs

MealsAround takes 12% from all food sales

For example: 

Total Food Sold = $15

12% = $1.80

seller's FAQs

Payments are processed on a weekly cycle, which begins at 4:00am on Monday morning and goes to 3:59am the following Monday. This means that any trip taken on Monday after 4:00 am will appear in the following week's payment statement.

Please note that public holidays and other events can cause a delay to the normal payment processing time. You will generally always receive your payment deposited into your account by the end of day Friday for the previous week.

If you need to update your bank details you can do so by logging in to your Sellers account 'Payout Method".

When will I get my payout?

In order to receive a payout, you’ll need to have a PayPal account. If you don’t already have one you can create one, go to Sign-up Link https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/account-selection

When will I receive my money?

Payouts will be processed and automatically scheduled to be sent out every Wednesday night. Any earnings made before Sunday each week will be paid out on the Wednesday, while any earnings made on either Monday or Tuesday will be paid out the following Wednesday.

MealsAround will also hold payments in Stripe until the meal has been successfully handed over to the customer.


MealsAround has the right to issue refunds based on reports of any issues from customers. We will seek a fast, fair and honest resolution to any disputes regarding food quality and full or partial refunds may be processed from your earnings in order to resolve any issues.

If you wish to offer any refunds yourself as a result of any mistakes or failure to complete an order, please talk to us directly via email: info@mealsaround.com with the order number so we can quickly jump in to release the refund and inform the customer.