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Apr 22, 2020
Literally though, these chicken tinga tacos are the best. A) Look how pretty!! B) Imagine how good they taste because juicy chicken, smoky chipotle, creamy avocado, zippy lime, and a charred tortilla just SING together, right? I promise you, they sing. C) Do you have 20 minutes? Cool. You can make these because this is not fancy. This is just really, really delicious chicken tinga tacos. This is one of those rare recipes that comes together so quickly and somehow still rivals a restaurant-quality meal. It is a recipe that, once you make it, you say: I will probably make these chicken tinga tacos every time I have friends over because it makes me look fancy with minimal effort. You also say: I need to memorize this recipe. You also say: How soon is too soon to make these again. It is a miracle and a delight. A perfect taco unicorn.
Apr 2, 2020
Saiyut and Doctor Sai Kitchen serves one of the more beautifully presented meals I think I’ve ever seen. Their motto is “Food is Art of Life,” but I won’t recommend it just for the art aspect though, this food is also incredibly delicious as well. With a menu full of amazing and traditional Thai food (think early 1900’s), you should be making this restaurant (ครัวอาจารย์สายหยุดและหมอทราย) a part of your next food trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand.